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Assign staff and patients to three (3) buses.
Plan on 1:5 staff to patient ratio.
Bus capacity is 48 max.
If seven (3) groups with 1:5 ratio, it would be 42 per bus- NOT counting 1:1's
For Monday 6/22 - 3rd and 4th floors- Valerie and Kathy
For Wednesday 6/24 2nd and 5th floors- Laurie and Ellen
Develop master check list for buses etc.

FRIDAY 6/19/92
Obtain and deliver duffle bags to wards, count and have nurse sign.
I.D bags with patient name and T.H. ward.
Obtain packing boxes for bulk meds.
Essential equipment (B/P cuffs, thermometers, restraints, etc).

FRI-SUN (6/19,20,21/92)
Pack up and and preparations all three (3) shifts- lockers must be emptied. If patients have clothing and equipment over and above duffle bag- Have them pack it in boxes, sealed and properly labeled with their name and T.H ward they are going to. (Movers will transport)

MONDAY 6/22/92 5:30am (11-7 shift)
Patients up, showered, dressed appropriately, medication given and charted- strip all beds.
7:00am - Final change to shift narcotic count. Lab tech to draw clozapine patients on 3rd and 4th floor first, then 2nd and 5th- only stats and essential lab work will be done Mon. and Wed. per Pat Simmons, MD via Physicians and N.P's. Breakfast first for 3rd and 4th floor will arrive on trays.
7:30am -8:30am - Finalize packing. Charts will be transported by movers in chart racks. Make sure they are secure.
8:30am - 9:00 am - Have patients ready to move with duffle bags- Mon -4th floor first- 3rd floor last.
8:30 am - Moving truck arrives at rear entrance for transportation. Mon -3rd and 4th floor. Med carts, bulk meds, essential equipment, historical records (in file cabinets) etc. Wed - 5th and 2nd floor (same as above) - licensed staff to accompany.
9:00am Mon and Wed. Wheelchair Van from Lyons Ambulance Service arrives at rear entrance for patient transport of Mon- Walter P. Stephen F. and Oscar C. Wed- Thomas S. (staff to accompany)
9:00am- Michaud Bus Lines arrive at front entrance (3 buses both days)
9:00am - Move 4th floor patients and assigned staff to bus #1 (use master check list)
9:30am - Move remainder of 4th floor patients and assigned staff to bus #2 (use master check list)
10:00am - Move 3rd floor patients and assigned staff to bus #3 (use master check list)

WEDNESDAY 6/24/92- same as above only 9am - 5th floor bus #1, 9:30am 5th floor bus 2, 10am 2nd floor bus 3
10:30am Final bus departs for Tewksbury
3:30pm -bus arrive at Tewksbury to transport 7-3 shift employees back to DSH.
3-11 and 11-7 shifts employees report to assigned wards at Tewksbury on respective days.


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