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Abandoned since 1992 the Danvers State Hospital occupies a site of over 500 acres with a commanding view of Boston 18 miles to the south. Variously known as Hathorne Hill, Prospect Hill, and Dodge's Hill. The highland area is topped by the 1874 Kirkbride Complex.In addition,there is the Bonner Medical Building which was a complete surgical facility. The Gray Gables building was a residential facility for nurses and it was the second such facility in the state.

After the Gray Gables closed the Male Nurse's Home was built to replace it.Three years later the Female Nurse's home was constructed for the same purpose.St Lukes Chapel built to serve patients of the various Protestant faiths and Our Lady of the Hill Chapel to serve Catholic faiths.Below is a list of names and years these buildings were constructed on the highlands portion of the property.

• Bonner Medical Building (1955)
• Female Nurses Home (1930)
• Female Tubercular Building (1907)
• Gray Gables (1898)
• Head/Pump House (1921)
• Kirkbride Building (1874-78)
• Laundry (1912)
• Male Nurses Home (1927)
• Male Tubercular Building (1907)
• Our Lady of the Hill Chapel (1955)
• Repair Shops (1904-1933)
• Reservoir Gate House (1876)
• St Luke’s Chapel (1964)
• Water Tower (1960)
2002 DSMC Cemetery Memorial
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